Code green in the interior

Design inspired by nature or the contemporary messages of leading architects at the Conceptual Talks Seminar at Inter Expo Center

We spend 90% of our time indoors - at the office, at school, at restaurants, at home. Less and less time we spend in nature. So, let's bring it to the interior.

You can learn about contemporary messages of leading architects and designers at Inter Expo Center. The Conceptual Talks Seminar will offer inspirational concepts in interior design on March 28th in the framework of TECHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE.

The philosophy of minimalism is to get rid of excess items. Let us bring into life what only brings a positive mood.

No more, no less in the Lagom concept

No more, no less, will come to life in the modern concept of Lagom, the exact modest amount or literally translated as our own "comfort". Wabi-Sabi is a modern vision behind the discovery of beauty in imperfection. The Kintsugi philosophy translated from Japanese means "golden repair", in fact, in demolition and repair, we emphasize the power and the emotion of the furniture. How important it is to live in accordance with the laws of nature is the different point of view of Feng Shui. These are just some of the ideas that teach us how to live among natural fabrics in the office, at school, at restaurants, at home.

6 steps to choosing eco-furniture

The 6 basic steps in choosing eco furniture will be revealed by arch. Pavlina Malinova and arch. Marieta Atanasova from Designitsa. They include looking for furniture with low content of toxic substances, to avoid furniture that retards combustion, why it is important to eat in local products, and to look for locally produced furniture. What are the environmental alternatives, can be learnt at Conceptual Talks.

We isolate more and more our offices and homes, and leave them closed in polluted air and dust. What are the trends in furnishing office spaces, will be offered by arch. Valentin Denkov from Funkt Studio. Contemporary concepts in the residential and public interior, and how the European experience is successfully applied in Bulgaria will be presented by arch. Iveta Popova and arch. Mimi Ferkova, the young visionaries from the first laboratory for architecture and design in Bulgaria -  Design Lab . Again the code is green.

Photorealistic 3D visualizations

The fastest and most effective process for designing furniture? The flexible 3D design method covers all the needs of designers and furniture makers - from the creation of the original concept to the final documentation and instructions for assembly, says Stoyan Nachev, founder of Graphic Ground. You'll also find how to make automatic nesting and photorealistic visualizations in countless variations. Stoyan uses SketchUp.

Style in chairs

A chair brings style in the interior. The trends in the chair design will be presented by the Italian architect Emilia Giordano. Transparent designer chairs in a matrix that appear in different colors is an unique designer solution. The first polycarbonate chair was created in the 1990s, but today it has an exceptional style. The Dutch architect Jeroen Schipper from Orange Architect Studio will join with a presentation on Conceptual Craftsmanship.

Modern interior at school

The Bulgarian design group CHERGA, with its topic "Designer Talks" focuses on contemporary concepts of furnishings in educational institutions. Are designers’ new vision bringing back nature at school. We have the feeling that we are too far away from the modern interior in the educational institutions. But there are designers and architects who have taken this as their mission. So are Conceptual Talks. Is there anything more educative than an inspiring natural environment in school.

A robot offers coffee at TECHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE

The variety of demonstrations of the furniture companies demonstrate how furniture changes from the concept to the final design, the furniture is modular, comfortable, easy to move, from natural materials. While at the same time a robot participates in the preparation process, at the end the robot delivers a cup of coffee. The only exhibitions in the furniture industry in Bulgaria and the region bring a touch of beauty, style and comfort to the interior and create a sense of coziness.

450 World Brands in one place at Inter Expo Center

From March 26 to 30, more than 190 companies from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine will participate in the international exhibitions TECHNOMEBEL & WORLD OF FURNITURE at Inter Expo Center. They will present more than 450 world brands for furniture and furnishing and design materials, announced the organizers from Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of Wood and Furniture Industry.

The complete information and the program of the exhibitions can be found at: