Ideas for a functional office at home

Ergonomic electric desk, electromechanical locks, furniture for every style and taste at TECHNOMEBLE AND THE WORLD OF FURNITURE

The office is our second home, and our home often becomes an office. Modern lifestyle requires a multifunctional interior. How to keep the individuality of the furniture? At the international exhibitions TECHNOMEBLE AND WORLD OF FURNITURE from 26th to 30th March, the professional audience will discover a palette of solutions for comfort and convenience, combined with style and individuality. This was shared by the organizers from Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of Woodworking and Furniture Industry.

A designer electric desk can adjust its height for working in a sitting or standing position. The functionality of the solution is that there is a hidden wiring compartment. The ergonomic work desk can be used as a conference table, as a table for desk and family games or a nice favorite hobby spot.

Imagine an effective and versatile workspace in a home office, corporate office, home or villa. The work area at home already needs functional furniture. The Labyrinth module has LED lighting, hidden in a way that it does not illuminate directly, but serves as a backlight , there are push control systems on the doors, the horizontal doors open with shock absorbers, the vertical ones open with hinges with a cushion.

The Labyrinth module is suitable to furnish a living room, a sitting room or an office.


Innovative electromechanical locks


For the first time, the professional audience will review the products of the company that is a leader in the field of innovative and precise electromechanical locks in the furniture sector - the Austrian brand PS Locks. The well-recognized mechanical locking systems are replaced with accurate, reliable, easy-to-install and almost invisible electromechanical locks. It is important that manufacturers of high-quality furniture use easy-to-install and use locking systems that simplify the lock and are not an obstacle for design. Intelligent flap systems impress with newly introduced built-in functions.


The trends in furniture design can generally be divided into two directions - low budget furniture and furniture to satisfy the most sophisticated and demanding customer. This means more comfort, more functionality and smarter furniture.


A sink with unique design on three levels


Want to bring personality and style to your kitchen? You can borrow ideas for design at TEHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE.


The new BLANCO sink and tap will bring freshness and originality. The unique sink is made of high quality SILGRANIT. With its original drainer design and a large bowl volume, it is available in a set including a cutting board and a drainer. They guarantee maximum comfort for the modern housewife. The practical and flexible board perfectly integrates into the design of the rack, while the drainer that is firmly mounted to the bowl is ideal for draining freshly washed fruit or storing household sponges. The four fresh colors of the accessories - yellow, orange, green and dark gray, bring a youthful touch to the kitchen.


The other extraordinary element in the new concept is the compact and modern tap. The combination of the integrated step of the bowl and set of runners facilitates efficient work on three levels: in the bowl, in the step, and at the top. This makes the daily preparation and serving of food a comfortable and enjoyable activity. The elegant radius, the hidden overflow and the innovative drainage system emphasize its modern design.


More than 190 companies from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Pakistan, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine will take part in the international exhibitions TECHNOMEBEL and WORLD OF FURNITURE from March 26 to 30 at Inter Expo Center.


Access is available upon admission tickets, invitations or preliminary online registration, as on the last day the admission is free.


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