Interior harmony and individuality follow us everywhere

New and inspirational ideas will be offered by the exhibitions Technomebel and The World of Furniture from 24 to 28 April at Inter Expo Center

Individuality, expressiveness, rebellion, intuition, going into detail and classical notes. All this can be felt in modern interior. Undoubtedly, we live in a time of true revolution in the interior due to creative freedom combined with modern technology and unlimited possibilities.

Thanks to modern opportunities, everyone can not only build a living place, but create a happy home. This is what we can do in the days of the exhibitions Technomebel and The World of Furniture, that bring together all ideas, trends and visions, demonstrating the unlimited opportunities of the present. The World of Furniture allows us to be inspired with countless new ideas, while Technomebel allows us to review the latest worktops and decorations of plates, furniture doors, design hardware, functional and ergonomic mechanisms, built-in appliances, mixer taps, sinks and more ... The exhibitions will open their doors very soon - from 24 to 28 April at Inter Expo Center.

We give complete freedom to lighting

Lighting needs freedom. This lies in the understanding of modern lighting fixtures, because for modern man it is important to fine-tune even the smallest detail. The fascinating Heng Balance Lamps, combining style, innovation and elegance, reveal their functionality of The World of Furniture. Their design breaks down all commonly accepted perceptions of a standard switch; they are turned on and off by wooden beads, while the lighting element is built into a frame and directs the light inwards. The combination of style and light is the essence of the product line of lighting fixtures offered by Gala Collezione. The crystals built into the chandeliers of Preciosa Lighting again brings in their harmonious magic.

Sinked in comfort

It is time to relax. Can you find a more enjoyable thing than falling into the arms of the Galla Chester comfortable triple sofa with memory foam? "Her Majesty", the living room is truly happy, when we place a Forest inside. Presented at The World of Furniture, it is sophisticated and has a modern design with elegant lines and stylish visual lines of the Chester models. And in order to feel comfortable everywhere - at home or in the garden, we can consider the chairs of Diva and Nora. Their beautiful appearance and a wide and comfortable seat with a backrest can make them the right choice for any home.

Kitchen! Kitchen!

Yes! Kitchen! In order to make this space one of our favorite rooms, we need to be very careful and detailed. This is where the THEA and THEA ISOLA hoods come give us a hand. " Vintage is always in style - this is the philosophy integrated into them. They offer a new interpretation of the concept of a retro hood, and the wooden and inox frames recreate the atmosphere in the kitchen entirely in the context of the old urban style.

The parquet we cannot go without

We always want to feel comfortable when we step in, right? That's why we always consider a parquet combining quality and appearance. At the Technomebel exhibition, there will be presented a variety of proposals, including BAUWERK natural flooring and parquets, bringing spirit and personality to every home. And one more thing. The wood is brought back to life! Yes, this is the case with the OSMO products for finishing the wood with oils. They provide color maintenance. The products are easy to apply and no primers or intermediate grinding are required.

And a little more about the interior ...

To have a comfortable room requires fine-tuning of every detail. Of course, this includes walls, as well. Thus, proving that a wall is not just a fixed thing, Technomebel gives us a choice of luxurious and elegant sidings. Mosaics can be used in the home, the hotel, the restaurant, the exhibition hall. The visitors are also interested in the various decorative embossed and openwork panels made in Bulgaria. Technomebel presents a wide variety of mechanisms and fittings - for better absorption of space in the room. When we wonder what kind of table to choose, we can be inspired by the proposal for managers - "Lux“, or maybe the table made of natural oak with a metal construction.

With care, taste, sense of harmony and in line with the individual perceptions combined with modern technologies. This is the way to create the interior we dream of.