What you need to know before you buy a wooden door

Door selection is a very important step when you plan to arrange your home, because both the interior and exterior doors must be selected according to certain functional (first) and decorative criteria. The wooden door comes with many facilities, referring to both criteria. 

Monster wood-cutting machine

Creating quality, beautiful and functional wood furniture is a difficult task. This is a process where processing of materials is synchronized with their careful combining. But everything starts from raw power. Literally.

Promotional price of stretch film wrapping machines from MAVA INDUSTRIAL

For over 18 years, шге specialists from MAVA INDUSTRIAL have been offering solutions for optimizing stretch consumption. Whether you're stretching by hand, with a conventional machine with a mechanical brake ,or a with pre-stretch joint, the company can offer the most economical solution to individual needs.

TEKA has designed a new range of devices - WISH

With an impressive style, the new TEKA - WISH range delivers perfect precision, low power consumption and extremely easy handling. They are able to satisfy all culinary desires. The new appliances combine design and elegance with the most modern features to make food with the best flavor. And this, of course, makes every culinary expert enjoy the pleasure of cooking ... as never before.

KAME offers solutions for sliding doors

In nowadays’ busy life homes are supposed to be furnished with modern, comfortable and functional solutions. Certainly, one of the best are the sliding doors, which are suitable for any room and furniture, a perfect solution of the problem with space. At this year's exhibition Technomebel KAME company will focus on two of its solutions - a mechanism for sliding doors with hidden rail, and the wardrobe mechanism PS48.

Kronospan demonstrates its Selection 2017 at Technomebel

To create furniture and interior designs in nowadays world it is essential to use materials with the best design-price-quality ratio. Wood panels and laminated plates produced by Kronospan, are widely used in the furniture and construction industries. The company's products are inspired by the latest trends in design and technology.

"More comfort per square meter" from Prodes

Planning of your furniture should begin with you and your family. This has a major impact on the further use and comfort. Under the motto "More comfort per square meter" Prodes company will present at Technomebel 2017 various new solutions for maximum use of space.

Ideas for perfect kitchen by Kessebohmer

Selecting the right solutions for interior and kitchen are essential for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and shops. A major difficulty of each owner is how to make the right choices; and this can only happen in places that provide a comprehensive list of products. At this year’s Technomebel exhibition there will be offered a number of concepts, including those by "Salex".

The retail displays "Fantazia Trio" by Gyul MM combine a frame, glass and a decorative panel

The combination of the three elements of different materials and colors in a retail displays gives freedom of imagination to realize the beautiful concepts, but also leads to a number of constructive and technological production problems. The company Gyul MM has found a solution to these problems in its new retail display "Fantazia Trio", which will be presented for the first time at Technomebel.