The bed that sets the pulse racing

The human soul can be touched by good food, pleasant company, beautiful scenery and.... home furniture. You will be able to see a number of offers for the latter during the World of Furniture trade fair, one of which is the Parce bed by Mebeli Brilliant.

Historical Design by Bohemia Lux

Inspiring, with elegant lines and memorable luminance. Yes, these are the historical design proposals of BohemiaLux. As a representative of the Czech producer of crystal chandeliers and glass luminaries and decorative products Preciosa Lighting, it will allow visitors to the World of Furniture 2018 to get a feel of the spirit of history.

Designer office furniture by DIOR Sofia

Have you ever wondered “Why is the office furniture important?” The answer is easy – because this is our work place, where we spend a big part of our time. Therefore, it must be tailored to our activities and the comfort we need. That is why DIOR Sofia is coming up with a variety of product proposals for the World of Furniture 2018.

“Luxe” Manager Series from Total-M creates prerequisites for even more successful business

The personal and professional qualities of the manager are paramount in building a successful business. What is equally important, however, is the layout of the space in which we accept our business partners, because this is precisely where our counterparties create their first impressions and make the initial conclusions. Conscious of the functions of office furnishing, Total-M is going to present its “Lux” Manager Series during the World of Furniture.

CNC machines for every production facility

With the penetration of computer numerical controls (CNCs) in production, more and more companies need to ease the production process. Pi 314 Ltd. will present CNC machines that will significantly optimize the work process at the Technomebel exhibition this year.

Wood comes to life with OSMO

Good surface maintenance requires the use of suitable and high-quality products. This is true for both glass and faience, and wooden flooring. Yes, wood does come to life when treated right. That is why, at Technomebel this year, PHIVEX will present the capabilities of the OSMO oil-based finishing products for wood.

Enchanting furniture made of natural materials

Creating a cozy home is directly related to selecting the right furniture for your taste and needs. There is a wide range of modern products to choose from, the most attractive of which are made of natural materials. The World of Furniture is the event where Art Tropical Stones will present its products made of stone, wood and other materials.

Style, functionality and elegance come together in the Heng Balance Lamp

Creating a cozy home is not an easy task. In addition to having to select high-quality doors, windows and insulation, we also need to decide on the right furniture and interior elements that would bring our home to life. The ALLOCACOC company will present some inspiring offers during the 2018 World of Furniture trade show, which will take place from 24th to 28th April in Inter Expo Center.

Hettich makes solutions excite

Every piece of furniture has the potential to fascinate people. With the comfort customers are used to. With perfect use of space, freeing up the home. With design that sets pulses racing. With exceptional diversity, Hettich provides an opportunity for cost effective differentiation and simplifies its customers’ workflow with products and services. Fascinated by solutions – that’s what Hettich calls Fascin[action].