A robot feeding an edging machine for furniture

The edging of furniture components has always been a complex process requiring knowledge of the particular item, structure, and the specific detail. These  specifics take operators’ time who need to read each production label on the details. A robotic solution, which MOS Consult will show at the  Technomebel from 26 to 29 March, aims to optimize the work processes, to eliminate human errors, and to make operators’ job  who are supposed to transfer tons of details every day easier.

The visitors of the exhibition will be able to learn more about the entire process, as one robot will load the details from a pallet on an edging machine, and also after the end of the edging processes, the workpiece will be drilled on a drilling machine HOMAG DRILLTEQ V- 200.

The combination KUKA Robotics and HOMAG Group, which will be demonstrated, allows you to load components from pallets that are not pre-machined, machine-labelled or stacked, onto  HOMAG EDGETEQ S - 390 edging machine in combination with HOMAG LOOPTEQ O -300. The software solution keeps track of the edging sequencing, where the details are located throughout the process, when they need to be unloaded, and also controls the speed of the machines during the process.

Starting with Imos CAD CAM, the design of furniture also generates all production data, such as label information, CNC files – automatically copied on the drilling machines without the need for further processing, as well as edging data, which are analyzed by a robotic system.

The only thing the operators have to do is to load the pallets with details and start the production.

Demonstrations of a robotic system will be available every two hours during the period of exhibition, at Stand A4 in Hall 3.