Natural oils for easy maintenance of wood furniture and wooden floors

Industrial oils based of natural oils and waxes will be exhibited by FIVEX at the exhibition Technomebel, which opens from 26th to 30th of March at Inter Expo Center.

The products of the company offer solutions for wooden products, both for the interior-parquet, doors, furniture, countertops, as well as for the exterior - facades, fences, sheds and others. The oils make the surface pleasant to touch and easy to maintain.

Oxi-Polyx® makes the industrial application of natural oil   possible, efficient and cost effective. High quality refined natural oils and waxes guarantee durability and open-pore coating with minimal quantities. The Oxi-Polyx® system is the world's first natural oil-based engine that meets the latest long-term emission tests and can be included in many aspects of production.

UV-Polyx® industrial oil with hard wax dries within seconds thanks to its UV reactive ingredients, allowing you to continue the process or to pack straightaway. UV-Polyx® is especially effective thanks to its double properties, it hardens also in areas to which UV rays cannot get and its overall consumption is 20 g/m²-in two layers. UV-Polyx® gives you a beautiful natural oil-wax surface, which is both durable and porous, and it saves time, materials and energy.

FIVEX products can be seen in Hall 1 at Stand D7.