PowerStrip – ultra slim and stylish modular branching


Need more USB-ports? Want a better WiFi signal in remote locations? Want to control your lighting remotely by your phone, for example? Yes! Just add the right module to Allocacoc's PowerStrip Modular.

How does it work? Visit TechnoMebel from 26 to 30 March at Inter Expo Center.

This is a uniquely designed branching extension. The 3D diamond motifs and the elegant modules lend completeness to this harmony.

Compact design with a look into the future

PowerStrip is ultra slim. This allows you to place it where you will not see it. You can change and upgrade it, easily disassemble and store it.

Control your home appliances at the touch of a button

PowerCube Remote allows you to easily turn your devices on and off. If your hands are busy, you can also use your foot with the same ease to press the large button to control your devices. The PowerRemote is like a remote control without a battery, saves you a purchase while being environmentally-friendly at the same time.

To pair the PowerCube Remote with different PowerRemotes and vice versa, just press and hold the PowerCube button for five seconds and it will pair with the next PowerRemote turned on. If synchronization is lost for any reason, pressing the button twice will turn on and off all connected devices.

PowerRemote can be attached to any smooth surface without leaving any traces whatsoever when it is removed. Just wipe the adhesive pad with a wet cloth to restore its stickiness before moving it to another location.

Allocacoc is a one-of-a-kind industrial design company. The industrial design of the company does not only cover a particular category or a particular industry. The company's products offer solutions to a problem currently ignored by the products on the market. At the same time, they offer an affordable price for the end user. Their products are of a different standard and are suitable for any sphere.


You can learn more about the company in Hall 2, Stand C14.