Stylish, beautiful, breathless - BORA SYSTEMS, presented by Ligna Group

Beautiful, stylish, elegant, efficient ... It will immerse you into the world of cooking. It is the innovative system of BORA SYSTEMS and will be presented by LIGNA Group and LIGNA Design at World of Furniture 2017 „in an unconventional way," as promised by the company.

The offer of LIGNA Group combines hood and hobs. Its design adds a unique and modern look of the kitchen. BORA SYSTEMS use a new technology for providing fresh air during cooking - without smoke and steam around the hot plates, without residual odor after cooking.

If you are wondering where the hood is - do not look up because the designers have built into the countertop. The elegant solution works with high efficiency and the hood is extremely quiet and easy to clean. The innovative system provides maximum effectiveness, impressive performance and has an attractive design, which makes cooking an even more enjoyable experience.

Anyone who wishes can see himself the benefits of BORA - in hall 4, booth D1.

The features of the system can be reviewed here :