Romania county Arges, city Pitesti, social headquarters: Gavana II, block C14, sc B, ap.8, main store : 48 B, Nicolae Balcescu Str.
C 4

S.C. VENUS BCLMOB CLASS S.R.L. is based on an idea and also a passion, subsequently materialized in a business. Entrepreneurs have found that their dream is to create and produce their own brand furniture to satisfy the taste of most of the customer typologies present on the market.

S.C. VENUS BCLMOB CLASS S.R.L. presents the authentic mobile customers, the creative design of the creative department. The furniture created is recognized for its quality and durability, as well as its finishes and accessories.

The essence of S.C. VENUS BCLMOB CLASS S.R.L. is achieved by focusing on quality, increasing the processing capacity of a melamine chipboard and particularly attractive prices. The company is a proprietary presentation and merchandising network


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