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Mattresses Blian is one of the most experienced brands with many traditions on the Bulgarian market, established in 1994. During all these years, the focus of the team has always been the quality of the product manufactured in our own factory in Bulgaria.
They guarantee the quality of their products, materials, and technology. They believe that innovation requires a long-term and consistent investment of time, efforts and resources to create modern, high-tech and ergonomic sleep products.
The company has patented special 3D Profiled BodyCare® foam, which is produced in 100% non-waste technology. This 3D Profiled BodyCare® foam is a main material in the manufacturing of their products and through various combinations of density, hardness and special arrangement of the layers, they achieve a natural springing effect, maximum ventilation and orthopedic design.
Mattresses Blian are manufactured by using unique technology, without an analog in Bulgaria and with no use of adhesives, which eliminates the harmful effect of these chemicals and makes the products very suitable for children and people who take care of their health.
The brand offers a complete collection of sleeping products - mattresses, pillows, blankets, protectors. The team has developed special solutions for the hotels, medical and institutional use.
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