Bulgaria 4002 Plovdiv,70,Gladston str.
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Professional school of architecture and woodworking “Hristo Botev”, Plovdiv is one of the oldest educational establishments in the country – in 2017 it celebrated its 110th anniversary. It combines the best of traditions in the field of furniture manufacturing and design with continuous modernization – in terms of facilities, new technologies, participation in the development and implementation of modern projects.
   The high school is a pioneer in two undertakings:
– In the 2016-2017 academic year, following the German model, we launched dual education, which is education in two places – in the vocational school and in an enterprise, meaning that together with the theory, students master the professional skills they need in an actual working environment; they receive payment for their work during training. The company that partners with PSAW Hristo Botev in this is TED_BED, Plovdiv.
– The first student cooperative PUMIK 2015 was established, where the students take in and carry out orders related to their majors and receive payment for their work.

The school has 3 fully equipped IT rooms, a library, doctor’s office, dormitory, free student books, social scholarships, mountain holiday home in the village of Manastir.

The curriculum includes AutoCAD, PhotoShop, CorelDraw. The first laser wood cutting and engraving center is in operation. Since 2003, the school has implemented 17 EU projects for traineeship in actual working environment in related enterprises in Plovdiv, Wroclaw, Poland, Halle and Magdeburg, Germany. In the eight exhibitions of vocational education and training, PSAW Hristo Botev has won first place seven times.

We can proudly say that after the high-quality education they receive, many of our students continue their education in higher education institutions. 


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