Bulgaria 12, Vasil Levski str. 3530 Zamfirovo; 40, Kiril Parlichev str. 1225 Sofia
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Genomax Ltd is a leader in production of slated bed bases under brand mark RossMari. The RossMari brand is well recognized on Bulgarian market for years, established among consumers as a symbol of flexibility in supply and striving to meet the demands of customers looking for a quality product at a good price. Manufactured mattress frames, have a certificate of European design No: 001034912 / 02.02.2009 for design No: 6823 / 24.09.2008 and certificate of conformity No: 11P / 27.10.2011. Moreover, in the production leaves of the company Genomax Ltd. can be found mattresses and pillows under own brand Ekolatex, based on latex cores of Latexco Belgium, as well as upholstered beds.
Genomax Ltd. has its own administrative, manufacturing facilities and equipped carpentry workshop in. Zamfirovo, Berkovitsa municipality, and 3 own offices with commercial warehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv and Zamfirovo.


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