Bulgaria 49, Skobelev Blvd., Sofia; 5, Karlovsko shose Blvd., Plovdiv (main office)
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Bibtex Company is a manufacturer and importer of interior textile (different fabrics, leather, curtains, rugs, bed linen and towels). Founded in 1991, it is one of the first companies importer of fabrics on the Bulgarian market. In 2002 always inspired by global trends in design and strict adherence to European quality standards, we started production with the first factory of the company. Over the years our network of offices and the articles offered by us is constantly expanding. In 2014 the new office of the company in Sofia opens its doors. Simultaneous with this the new brand "bibtex HOME" is born. The new brand offers a full range of articles within the field of interior textile as well as our own production and the products of our trusted partners worldwide. Our leadership on the Bulgarian market has already lasted for quarter of a century. We believe that is the best prove for the quality of our work.


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