Bulgaria 15, Chepinsko Chaussee BG - 1225 Sofia
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ZORA STYLE is a specialized company for production of furniture for your home, office, store.

Our designers are able to offer an entire conception for design of your home, office, store, according to personal needs and preferences. We have wide experience in developing and producing trade equipment in correspondence with the corporative clients’ requirements. Through our projects and products we strive for cosiness, beauty, unique feeling and aesthetics.

What is significant to us is to make interiors that can last in time, not only because of their appearance, but of the feeling they create. Each of our products is produced with attention and warmth. And when we put our souls into the thing we create, there is always someone that will appreciate it.

We have learnt to follow our own path and be individualists.

The company’s motto is “Your ideas in our furniture”


+359 (2) 936 64 29; 936 64 32; 936 64 93; 936 64 95
+359 (2) 936 64 29; 936 64 32; 936 64 93; 936 64 95