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Sadimac SA was established in 1981 from Poultourtzidis Savvas in woodworking machinery ,without stopping to develop according to new standards and needs of the market .For more than 30 years Sadimac is selling woodworking machinery to meet the production requirements for the wood industry and has become a widely recognized brand throughout Greece and Balkan countries .

The continuous and direct communication with our clients has given us the opportunity to study the problems and needs of wood processing . This experience has given us the possibility to provide solutions for any production line according to our clients needs.

Sadimac’s goal is not only the supply of a machine but to be able to provide complete solutions to our clients . In our facilities of 2000 sqm you are able to find a big range of new and used woodworking machinery , cutting tools and a big range of hand tools 

Sadimac has the following working sectors

  • Construction and sales of new woodworking machinery
  • Used-reconditioned woodworking machinery
  • production, design and sale of cutting tools
  • Sharpenning division
  • After sales technical support
  • Staff Training
  • Study of production solutions and factory lay-out
  • Spare parts
  • Hand tools


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