09 May 2017

More than 11,000 visitors at Technomebel and World of Furniture

Over a total area of 14 500 sq.m more than 180 companies demonstrated the trends in the sector show more »

27 April 2017

The young Bulgarian designers from CHERGA group demonstrated the successful practices of a Bulgarian manufacturer

GS MALMGREN INTERIORS presented their metal tube chairs "This is a dynamic world, manufacturing requires certain steps. It's important to know what customers need in a fast-growing world, "said Galin Gospodinov from GS MALMGREN.. show more »

27 April 2017

Monster wood-cutting machine

Creating quality, beautiful and functional wood furniture is a difficult task. This is a process where processing of materials is synchronized with their careful combining. But everything starts from raw power. Literally. In most cases, raw.. show more »

26 April 2017

Students from vocational high schools visiting Technomebel and World of Furniture

Within the "STUDY VISITS" program ,graduates of the Plovdiv High School of Interior Architecture and Woodworking "Hristo Botev" have visited Technomebel and  World of Furniture at the specialized.. show more »

25 April 2017

Interior-I took the first prize in the contest THE booth at Technomebel

Interior-I was selected as the winner of the contest THE booth among exhibitors to select the best booth, organized for the first time in the framework of Technomebel and World of Furniture. The three finalists for the prize were Interior-I,.. show more »

25 April 2017

The huge and precise machines at Technomebel that create furniture parts

Walking through the halls of Technomebel, your attention will be immediately attracted by the huge machines arranged by the exhibitors. Even in the early hours on the first day of the event, the machines are turned on to demonstrate their features.. show more »

21 April 2017

Promotional price of stretch film wrapping machines from MAVA INDUSTRIAL

For over 18 years, шге specialists from MAVA INDUSTRIAL have been offering solutions for optimizing stretch consumption. Whether you're stretching by hand, with a conventional machine with a mechanical brake ,or a with pre-stretch joint, the.. show more »

20 April 2017

TEKA has designed a new range of devices - WISH

With an impressive style, the new TEKA - WISH range delivers perfect precision, low power consumption and extremely easy handling. They are able to satisfy all culinary desires. The new appliances combine design and elegance with the most modern.. show more »

10 April 2017

THE booth at Technomebel and World of Furniture

This year, during World of Furniture and Technomebel (24-28 April) ,there will be held THE booth - the first contest among exhibitors to present the best booth. Organizers of the initiative are Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of Woodworking.. show more »

31 March 2017

KAME offers solutions for sliding doors

In nowadays’ busy life homes are supposed to be furnished with modern, comfortable and functional solutions. Certainly, one of the best are the sliding doors, which are suitable for any room and furniture, a perfect solution of the problem.. show more »